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Pineapple-Mango Slush

Frozen boozy beverages are where it’s at during the summer. This pineapple-mango slush is an icy blend of frozen pineapples, mangos, lime juice, and vodka. Enjoy these to beat the heat this summer. 

Pineapple Mango Slush Cocktail |

This pineapple-mango slush is about to become your new best friend. Because, let’s face it folks, frozen boozy beverages are what summer is all about.

How else are we supposed to survive the heat?

Pineapple Mango Slush Cocktail |

This frozen cocktail is summer sunshine in a glass, only cold and frothy. I used a combination of frozen pineapples, mangos, pineapple juice, lime juice, agave, and ice. My booze of choice for this cocktail is my new favorite vodka flavor: Svedka Mango Pineapple.

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie ~ #SundaySupper #ChooseDreams

Peanut Butter Banana Oat Smoothie |

Frozen bananas, protein-packed peanut butter, creamy Greek yogurt, and fiber-filled oats get blended together to create a thick and creamy peanut butter banana oat smoothie. I’ve been quite the smoothie addict lately. With the abundance of fresh fruit available, it’s hard not to be. I’m known for being over zealous at the farmer’s market....

Gluten-Free Chesapeake Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Gluten-Free Chesapeake Cheddar Bay Biscuits |

All the buttery richness of a biscuit made gluten-free with Pamela’s Products Biscuit & Scone Mix. Prepare yourself for a Gluten-Free Chesapeake Cheddar Bay Biscuit addiction.  I’m sure you’re all familiar with the famous cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster, right? They’re a slightly sweet, tender biscuit with a burst of fresh herbs and...

Jose Cuervo Teagarita Review

Jose Cuervo Teagarita Review |

A sweet and tangy mixture of iced tea, Jose Cuervo Tequila, and lime juice. Weekly deck parties are a frequent occurrence during the summer. Squirrel and I get together with family and friends over the weekend to celebrate the warm weather and enjoy a few cocktails and yard games. I’m always in charge of...

Pineapple Margarita ~ #SundaySupper

Pineapple Margarita |

Jose Cuervo gets chummy with his pal pineapple and lime for a sweet and tangy pineapple margarita. It’s time to celebrate the barbecue this week. As in BBQ party. As in, flipping burgers and rolling dogs over an open flame. As in, party on the lawn, bonfires, and yard games. Melanie of Melanie Makes...

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Pasta ~ #WeekdaySupper #ChooseDreams

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Pasta |

This roasted red pepper pesto pasta is saucy, robust, and full of seasonal veggies. The best part? It comes together in under 20 minutes for a quick weeknight meal. It’s about to get real saucy up in here, up in here. I like my pasta layered in saucy goodness. If you were to ever...

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie Popsicles ~ #takebackvanilla

Healthy Strawberry-Banana Smoothie Popsicles |

These strawberry-banana smoothie popsicles are full of juicy strawberries, ripe bananas, and plump blueberries. Since these popsicles are full of fresh fruit, there’s no need to feel guilty while enjoying one poolside.  As I was clicking through my recipe archive the other day, I noticed that I haven’t made you any ice cream. Shame...