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Chocolate Brownie Cookies with Sriracha Ganache ~ #SweetTreat

Double Chocolate brownie cookies drizzled with a spicy Sriracha ganache.

Chocolate Brownie Cookies with Sriracha Ganache |

I hope you like your sweet with your spicy, because I made you thick, gooey brownie cookies topped with a unique ganache made with spicy Sriracha sauce.

Are you familiar with Sriracha? I only take every opportunity I get to slather whatever I’m eating with the vibrant red chili sauce. It’s not overly spicy, but it does pack a wee kick. In the ganache, the Sriracha creates a gentle warmth in the background. I even added a pinch of cayenne pepper—totally optional—for an extra kick of heat.

Chocolate Brownie Cookies with Sriracha Ganache |

I was a little nervous about these cookies. Chocolate and Sriracha is a fairly odd combination for most. For years chefs and bakers have been pairing chili with chocolate, but not everyone is a chef or a baker. I was concerned that people wouldn’t understand and accept these cookies.

Sriracha in chocolate… Say what?

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