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Holidays 2013

Hi, I’m Jennie. Welcome to my flour-dusted kitchen. I’m the head baker, spatula licker, and taste tester here at The Messy Baker. I love baking and cooking, but, most of all, I LOVE eating!

Exhibit A:

Stuffing it

I grew up watching my father and great grandmother work their magic in the kitchen, which is where I derived my passion for food. I’m completely in love, totally addicted, and a tad bit obsessed with all things food. I’m happiest when I’m in the kitchen whipping up sweet treats, cooking dinner, or drinking a steaming cup of hot tea at the kitchen table while thumbing through my favorite cookbooks and food magazines.

When I’m not in the kitchen, you’ll find me on the trails cycling, motor boatin’ on the open waters of the Chesapeake, sitting on my deck with a good book and a glass of vino (trying to avoid bees, of course), at my parents house pestering the hell out of Fattie (a.k.a my dad), or just randomly acting like a total goofball:


I live in Baltimore with my husband, known as Squirrel around these parts, slightly crazy golden retriever, Maddox, and overly cute kitty, Watson.

I spend my days trying not to trip over this guy in the kitchen:

Maddox 2012

And shooing this persnickety fur ball off of my kitchen table and food props:


The Messy Baker is a place where I can get creative with my writing skills and share my passion for food.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would just like to say hi, feel free to email through my contact page. I look forward to baking with you.